Gerard Pelisson

As I write my thoughts on Raymond Baxter, I am reminded of a scene in a movie about George Washington. The general is about to  leave for war and his wife urges him to stay  home  and be safe. His response: “Great things are about to happen, and I want to be part of them.” Somewhere in Raymond’s youth, he must have uttered the same words, at least to himself.  When I first met him in DeWitt Clinton High School in the early 1980s—I the social studies teacher and he a member of my history club, I immediately recognized his potential to be a leader. He listened so he could learn.

He volunteered so he could be of service. And when it came time to write for the school’s History Journal, it was no surprise that his article was about “John Marshall: The Giant of the Supreme Court.” Raymond was preparing himself for leadership, and he could have found no greater inspiration than

the chief justice.

-Gerard Pelisson