Signature Programs

Composure Based Leadership

Lay a foundation of reliability building trust that establishes team cohesiveness

Importance of dealing with difficult customers and how to improve the customer base interaction

Combative equals Conflict while Calm equals Confidence

Deficiency Based Leadership

How to prevent being overconfident in past performance history, and why corporate toxicity and limitations can be the biggest productivity killer in the workplace

How to transcend simplistic strategies so you can go from theory to practitioner, meeting the basic needs of your customer

Predict consumer habits and allow front line with customer support tools and vital team resources to improve service excellence

Prevention Based Leadership

Learn to neutralize explosive customer behavior with proven resolution techniques

Learn the importance of emotional control so that it doesn't impair decision making skills. Build a team that is proactive instead of reactive

Representatives should be a microcosm of information with specific solutions so that 2nd level escalations become unnecessary. Teach reps to build their network

Custom Based Leadership

How to create a succession plan to develop the next generation of leaders

How to systemize your process to insure brand loyalty

How building positive relationships can create unlimited branding impressions

Mikell Knights, Senior Staff Reporter, Plastics Machinery Magazine

Raymond is a paragon of professionalism, practicality and performance. He has a passion for leadership, team building and project development. Raymond is an excellent contact to collaborate with if your short- or long-term goals need to achieve a successful, a high-quality result. -Mikell Knights, Senior Staff Reporter, Plastics Machinery Magazine Read More

Gerard Pelisson

As I write my thoughts on Raymond Baxter, I am reminded of a scene in a movie about George Washington. The general is about to  leave for war and his wife urges him to stay  home  and be safe. His response: “Great things are about to happen, and I want to be part of them.” Somewhere in Raymond’s youth, he must have uttered the same words, at least to... Read More

Ken Mustafa, Community Activist

What I have to say about Ray Baxter? He’s the man of integrity. An Alpha leader in the shaping, and the development of the minds of young men and women. His work ethics is impeccable. He has a knack for inspiring others to seek greatness, hard work , and perfection. Mr. Baxter is a man of integrity, who doesn’t mind leading by example even if it’s an impossible task,... Read More

Joseph Ramos, Field of Dreams Sports Club President/Retired

My name is Joseph Ramos and I am honored to write this testimonial about Raymond Baxter. I have the honor and privilege of knowing Raymond for over ten years in a sports competitive nature and as a close personal friend. Raymond and I met while coaching youth football, we both were heads of our own youth community football programs servicing kids seven years of age to adults. From the... Read More

Kenneth G. Esehak

I’ve been acquainted with Raymond Baxter for several years. He’s known as a well-organized and always prepared. He is able to generate new, creative ideas to deal with unexpected occurrences. He can help you reformulate your plan, to come up with a new plan for an existing business or create an original idea to help jump start you He has successfully led his own new enterprise to a successful... Read More

Kevin T. Robertson Celebrity Insider/Consultant/Professional Speaker

America’s Leading Focus Expert Ray Baxter represents what true customer service excellence is all about. His experience and knowledge base is contagious and his strategies empower conference goers with immediate results. Listening to Ray present is like looking at a block buster movie of non-stop action. He delivers at such a high level his audiences are locked into a proven system that transfers skills at a high rate increasing... Read More